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Rewards for a healthy lifestyle

It sounds strange, but beets could be a secret weapon against high blood pressure. Illness is one of the main causes of heart disease and stroke, but many people don’t know they have it because they don’t have any symptoms. Today, researchers from Barts and the London School of Medicine say that drinking 500ml of beet juice could significantly lower blood pressure after just an hour. So drink the pink drink for a healthy lifestyle.

We lazy Brits will spend 17 years of our lives on the couch, seven of which are watching TV. The next time you hear yourself say, “I don’t have time to go to the gym” or if you go for ready meals because you are too busy to cook and eat fresh food, consider switching off the box and do something healthy instead. to make sure you are adopting a healthy living And that is why you should have a healthy lifestyle rewards program.

Do not take the cookie

It may be a good idea to skip the cookie jar before going shopping. A team from the University of Singapore recently found that the smell of chocolate chip cookies can cause women to buy unnecessary clothes when they go to stores. The scent activates the part of your brain that wants instant gratification, even if that’s no excuse to max out your credit cards and it’s not part of a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Hugging your partner not only warms the heart but can protect it as well. A study conducted by the University of North Carolina in 2005 found that squeezing the other half for 20 seconds can lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to health tips. High levels of cortisol have been linked to heart disease and other conditions such as diabetes.

Live a healthy lifestyle and stop putting salt on the sore.

We consume around 9.5g of salt per day, but the government wants us to reduce that to a maximum of 6g because high levels of salt can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, many food labels only list salt as sodium, but you can add a simple sum to calculate your actual salt content; just multiply by 2.5. Then 0.8g of sodium becomes 2g of salt, which is bad for a healthy lifestyle.

The sunny side

Get out in the sun for a natural boost. The sun’s rays on your skin help your body make vitamin D, which has been shown to fight heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, and even some types of cancer. There isn’t a lot of suns this time of year, so make the most of it as soon as it shows up!

One is the magic number of how to live a healthy life.

One of the largest studies on diet and cancer, the European EPIC study, found that eating just one extra serving of fruits and vegetables per day could reduce the risk of dying prematurely from any cause by 20%. either and is not healthy. Lifestyle rewards.

Conserve the years

Add 14 years to your life by following four very simple principles; don’t smoke, exercise regularly, drink wisely, and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. These simple steps can have a big impact on your life expectancy, say scientists at the University of Cambridge. If you only accomplish one thing, quit smoking, as the study found it to have the greatest impact on a healthy lifestyle.

A step in the right direction

Previously, experts thought that taking 10,000 steps a day was enough to control your weight, but a global study has just found that women up to 40 and men up to 50 years old need 12,000 steps per day. day to help change this average movement. Invest in a pedometer to make sure you’re hitting your goal and sticking to your healthy lifestyle rewards goal – and there are books out there too!

Laughter is the best medicine

Become a person with a half-full glass! Studies have shown that those with a positive attitude suffer less from illnesses such as heart disease. Find something to laugh about every day to give your hormones a boost to feel good and ultimately lead a healthier life.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, why not learn more about it and start working on your fitness and health? If you require individual advice, do not hesitate to General doctor.

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