Top 4 Face Yoga Exercises For Ageless Skin

Aging is a natural phenomenon so we can expect that no matter how beautiful and radiant you look right now, there will be a time when your skin will also have wrinkles and freckles. Even though we all agree everyone has to go through it, most of us start to look for remedies once we cross our 30s. This is no doubt a very crucial phase but experts say that it can be delayed. Although you can’t completely stop aging you can reduce its impact by adopting a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and a daily workout routine. Since experts keep telling people that there is a way to reduce its impact, you will see a lot of magazines telling you various tricks, medications, and therapies that can help you stay younger.

How to Choose a Good Therapy to Reduce the Effect of Aging?

Everything that I marketed and readily available will not affect you or offer you good results. Another important thing that will determine how much you can recover or how slowly you will age will mainly depend on the therapy you choose and the time of therapy execution. According to a study about the therapy impact, it has been noticed that people who start their healthy lifestyle early are able to reduce the impact of aging. While selecting a good therapy you have to keep in mind that just therapy will not be enough. You have to support your therapy with a good workout, lifestyle, and healthy diet as well. Most of the time, people want instant results so they end up choosing medications, lasers, and hydrafacial. There is no doubt that it will help but since these options are not natural you will see side effects as well. While choosing a good therapy make sure your choices link you back to nature so you don’t have to face any side effects.

Why Yoga Is The Best Therapy?

So far all the issues that we have listed above will point you towards a simple remedy that is natural, has no side effects, and will offer you a good enough impact. This natural remedy is yoga which will help you not only improve blood flow to improve the healing process but will also offer you skin nutrients so that it can stay fresh and skin healthy and glowing. Most people like to perform yoga in the morning which is another good reason you need to start yoga because it offers enough oxygenated blood to your body so it can function in a better way and stay healthy for longer. According to a study, women who start face yoga in their early thirties get the best results. They not only have a very low rate of bone disease and skin issues but their eyesight and skin quality are also much better.

Top 4 Face Yoga Poses For Ageless Skin

Face yoga is pretty different from daily yoga where you have to use all your muscles for face yoga. The control over the muscles and the way you move your fingers are very important. Another very important thing is that you have to wash your hands and sanitize them properly. The best results will come if you use any natural material for lubrication. It can be any natural oil or aloe Vera gel and make sure the touch is very gentle.

Forehead Fine Line Remover

For this exercise apply gel or oil to the forehead. Now make a fist with both your hands and keep it right in the middle. Now gently press on the skin and move it in a completely opposite direction.

Brow Lift

For this exercise, use the index fingers of both hands. Now gently point these fingers on your forehead just above the eyes. Now move your fingers closer to the hairline. Make sure the pressure is not too much and you are not pressing hard.

Laugh Line Remover

For this exercise, you have to use your index fingers and point them near your nose. Now press your finger near the laugh line. Slowly keep the finger moving towards the nose and keep it there for at least a few seconds, now repeat the process.

Double Chin Remover

For this exercise use light facial oil and apply it to the skin. Now gently move your hands towards the ears. The start of the motion will be in the middle and this will lead to the ear lobes.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the yoga technique and your goal. Most people continue full-body yoga and expect that this will help them offer anti-aging effects as well. This is true but it has a very limited impact mainly because you will use all the muscles in your body. However, if you train your face muscles you can improve the blood flow in your skin cells keeping them healthy and turgid for a very long time. Another very important thing to keep in mind is that face yoga offers insight into the quality of the skin and the underlying issues. While performing yoga if you feel your skin gets sore, you will know that you need to improve your skin health. On the contrary, if your skin feels fine and you don’t feel irritation or soreness, your skin is healthy.






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