The Truth About Using Egg Whites to Treat Acne Breakouts

Egg whites are a breakfast staple and a must-have for preparing a soufflé, but are they also a great way to clear up your complexion? You should stop using egg whites in your morning omelette and start using them as a blemish-buster, according to the Internet.

What Are Egg Whites?

The egg white is the clear, viscous fluid that surrounds the yolk, at the risk of seeming overly apparent. Its biological job is to protect the yolk, yet the two sections are significantly different in terms of composition. “Unlike the yolk, which is abundant in lipids or fats,” Hayag continues, “the egg white contains essentially no fat.” “Instead, it’s made up of around 90% water and 10% proteins, including ovalbumin, which accounts for about 55 percent of total protein.” She also mentions that egg whites contain a unique enzyme called lysozyme, which is not found in the yolk.

Benefits of Egg Whites for Acne

The benefits egg whites can (theoretically) have for skin are due to these special components of the egg whites—that enzyme and those proteins.

Target acne-causing bacteria

According to Hayag, lysozyme is antimicrobial and eliminates p.acnes, the bacteria that causes acne.

Have some anti-inflammatory benefits

“For a long time, egg whites have been utilised as a home remedy for inflammatory skin disorders. The proteins cover the cells in a protective layer that can help reduce inflammation.

Are slightly astringent

Because egg whites contain astringent properties, they can aid in the removal of blackheads from the skin. When applied topically, egg whites can help remove dirt, debris, and excess oil out of clogged pores as they dry, according to Chimento.

Other Benefits for Skin

Act as a humectant

The moisturising qualities of egg whites are well-known. “The proteins serve as humectants, drawing and holding moisture to the skin. Although the results are temporary, this can temporarily fill up fine lines and wrinkles.”

Skincare Products With Egg Whites

This sleeping mask combines the firming and moisturising properties of egg whites to give you smooth, supple, plump skin in the morning, regardless of your skin type. This lightweight cleaning oil is ideal for oily and combo skin types that need a deep clean. It eliminates everything from tenacious SPF to this morning’s waterproof mascara. It uses the purifying, decongesting, and tightening properties of egg whites.

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