How Do Birth Control Pills Work

How to Interact with minors and Pills

Recently, the rate of taking pills has increased in Japan. Not only adults but also minors are gradually taking the dose. I would like to introduce various things focusing on minors and pills.

Can minors take the pill?

Pills can control contraception or improve the menstrual cycle by controlling female hormones with drugs. Therefore, people of certain ages can use it from their teens to their 40s. Regarding prescription of pills, people over 35 years old, people who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day, people with hyperlipidemia, people with hypertension, etc. have an increased risk of thrombosis, and breast cancer and child People with gynecological estrogen-derived cancers such as cervical cancer, or even those with regular menstruation that may worsen symptoms or interfere with treatment if suspected. No pills are prescribed. If anything, prescriptions for older people are often restricted, but the reality is that younger people have no particular restrictions on prescribing pills because they get easily addicted and develop Sleeping pills addiction. Especially in the younger generation, the hormonal balance is unstable, so it is easy for menstruation to become irregular. If your period is irregular, it will be difficult to assemble schedules for school events, events, club activities, etc., so it is safe to take it to improve your menstrual cycle. Also, the aging of sex is becoming a big problem. Taking pills can prevent pregnancy, so many underage start taking them for the purpose of contraception. Unless the pill is a disease such as PMS or menstrual cramps, it is not prescribed using health insurance, and you have to pay for it at your own expense. Therefore, even a minor can purchase the pill himself. Having a good conversation with your child becomes important when you say, “It’s against a child to take a pill from his or her minor age.”

If you are a student, there are some pills where the student discount is good

People usually think that pills are drugs used by adults, but in reality, that idea is not correct. Of course, it’s not something that infants who aren’t in elementary school yet can drink, but recently the sexual experience is getting younger. It is an era in which more children are already pregnant even at the age of 15, so medical institutions such as obstetrics and gynecology who want to improve such situations do not sell pills to adults but rather to students. There are even places that sell at a so-called student discount. In the present age when tools such as the Internet that can easily obtain information have come out, it is impossible to teach children about sex, and above all, if you try to avoid sex education excessively, it will be for contraception. There is no good thing that a child who grows up without getting correct knowledge needs to grow. Of course, it is necessary to correct the system related to such education, but as a way to be effective faster than that, medical institutions began to think that pills should be sold at a discounted price and used by many people. is. However, in order to apply such a student discount price, it is of course necessary to go to a hospital, but many children feel that it is embarrassing. However, from the viewpoint of obstetrics and gynecology, it is also nice for young people to have a strong awareness of contraception, so even if it is embarrassing, take a little courage than going to the hospital and go straight to the hospital “Please give me a pill because I want to ensure birth control.” If you feel embarrassed, “I would like to try a pill ( Ambien addiction ) because my period pain may be severe”, but it is not advisable to lie to doctors and nurses to be in good physical condition. Either way, pills aren’t meant to be used by young people, so if you think you need them, go to the hospital first.

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