The four things you should mind while applying makeup to your face.

Mind the four things while applying makeup to your face.

If you have acne on your face, you need to be extra careful while applying makeup. So let’s know how you look on a face-prone face.

Usually, women use makeup to highlight the natural beauty of their faces and to hide the shortcomings. Dark circles and blemishes can be hidden not only through makeup, but you can also create different looks through it. But if you have acne on your face, then surely there will be many doubts in your mind about make-up every day.

It is true that if the makeup is not applied properly on the acne-prone skin, then there is a possibility of bacterial infection or enlargement of the pimples. It is possible that your skin is also acne-prone and you also have to face this kind of problem.

Applying makeup to pimples or pimpled skin is not so difficult. All that is required is that you take care of some small things. So, in this article today, we are telling you what things you should keep in mind while applying makeup on your prone skin

Always start with cleansing

This is the first and basic rule of make-up. Regardless of whether or not you have active acne on your face, it is very important to clean the face thoroughly in the beginning of makeup. There are many benefits from this. First of all, when makeup is applied to clean skin, it gives a different look. On the other hand, if you apply makeup on oily or dirty skin, it will cause pores clog, which will make your acne worse. Usually, acne-prone skin is oily. So while choosing a cleanser, make sure that the cleanser is specifically for oily skin. This will control excess sebum production without making your skin extremely dry.

Use non-comedogenic products

While doing makeup, it is also important to pay attention to what kind of makeup product you are using. For example, while doing makeup, you should choose lightweight products, so that your skin can also breathe. In particular, if your skin is acne-prone, then you should give priority to non-comedogenic makeup products. Their specialty is that they do not clog pores. Due to which non-comedogenic products are considered ideal for acne-prone skin.

Clean makeup tools regularly

It is very important to take care of hygiene while doing makeup. By the way, every woman should always apply makeup on the face only with a clean brush and makeup tools. But if your skin is acne-prone, then this step becomes even more important for you.

Dirty makeup tools are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can close pores, causing skin irritation and acne. So you have to make sure that every time you apply makeup, you clean all the tools used.

Must apply matting primer

Primer gives your makeup a smooth base. However, most girls do not apply it. But if your skin is acne-prone, then you must apply matting primer initially while applying makeup. This not only maintains your make-up for a long time, but it also creates a thin layer between your skin and makeup, which keeps the makeup follicles away from pores and does not bother your skin too much.

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