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How To Boost Immunity For Your Children?

Parents ask frequent questions is how to increase immunity in their children. The confusion mostly occurs with young parents when their child gets sick often. So, if you are looking for the best tips to increase immunity in your child, this article is very helpful for you.

Immunity power has the ability to fight against viruses and prevent you from getting sick. 

Best Tips To Increase Immunity In Child

Immunity power has the ability to fight against viruses and prevent you from getting sick. Here are the best tips to increase immunity in your child.

Fruits & Vegetables 

Whenever we talk about increasing immunity power, the first of all that comes to our minds is a healthy diet. So, you need to include beans, oranges, strawberries pumpkin, onion, and dark green leafy vegetables in your diet. These fruits and vegetables have phytonutrients that help to fight against many diseases including cancer and heart problems in adulthood.

Try to make all the seasonal fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet. These are rich in antioxidants and many vitamins which help in boosting immunity. Yogurt plays a very important role and is one of the biggest immunity boosters. 

Try to include Indian spices like garlic, ginger, and turmeric in your daily diet. It acts as an immunity booster as well as helps in the production of white blood cells. They work as an antioxidant and help in preventing cold and flu symptoms. 

Never let your children go to school without having breakfast. Lack of breakfast can lower your immunity and reduce stress. 

Proper sleep 

The next important thing that you need to keep in mind is to get proper sleep. The lack of sleep hampers and affects your day-to-day activities. There is no doubt about the fact that a lack of sleep affects your immune system. If someone doesn’t take the proper amount of sleep there is a high probability of getting exposed to a virus. The infant should sleep for at least 16 hours while the toddler should sleep for 11 to 14 hours and pre-schoolers require sleep of 10 to 13 hours.


Exercise plays a very important role in increasing immunity both in children as well as in adults. So try to make it a habit to exercise daily. Exercise also helps keep your child’s skin healthy. Make your kid a part of daily fun family activities like bike riding or playing basketball, badminton, or tennis. This will keep you fit as well as develop a healthy habit in your child from a very young age. Physical activities reduce stress hormones. So, play with your children to reduce your stress and make their weekends interesting. 

Let your kid play with others not only during holidays but regularly. This will help in making new friends, getting some fresh air and vitamin D.  


Breast milk is one of the best ways which help in building immunity in a child. In fact, mother’s milk helps in building a 71% immunity system. Giving your kid proper breast milk helps in building strong immunity and digestive system. It is shown in research that mother’s milk not only helps in building immunity but also helps in keeping the brain development of a kid. Furthermore, maternal habits also increase the child’s immune system.

Why Is Nutrition Important For Immunity In Children?

Nutrition is very important for immunity in children apart from that nutrition helps in the physical growth of a toddler. Eating healthy vegetables and fruits filled with proper nutrients helps in boosting immunity power in a kid.

Nutrition is very important in brain development. Breastfeeding infants properly as mother’s milk helps in the development of the brain in a kid. A toddler is unable to get the right amount of nutrients if he drinks too much cow’s milk as it is low in iron and quite heavy for their appetite. Try to include oranges and yellow fruits and vegetables in your diet. Nutrients help a kid in boosting immunity and making the body capable of fighting against colds, flu, and other kinds of diseases.

If you want your kid to stay away from all the diseases even in his adulthood. Then, you must follow a pattern of healthy eating. Nutrition helps in reducing the chances of chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and osteoarthritis. Consulting pediatricians to inject vaccines at the right time. By vaccinating children at the right time, they gain immunity to potentially life-threatening diseases.

Strengthening Your Toddler’s Immune System

If your child has any kind of nutrient deficiency, then he or she has more probability of catching infections and diseases. Sometimes lack of nutrients leads to malnourishment.

Hence, it is very important to strengthen the immunity system of your toddler to safeguard them from any kind of disease.

Things To Keep In Mind 

Keep a proper check on their diet and try to include vitamins and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables in their diet. Try to add eggs, oil from fish, and all the necessary fats required.

Vitamin C plays a very important role in boosting immunity. So, try to add fruits rich in vitamin C like strawberries, Kiwis, and oranges.

Give your kid yogurt and plenty of iron-rich food like meat, spinach, broccoli, beans, and nuts. Take care of their exercise schedule and let them go out and play regularly.

Try to give them healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, or healthy smoothies instead of junk food.

So, these were some of the simple ways to increase the immunity of your children. So, change your diet and be a part of fun activities with your kid. Remember everyone has different immunity and great immunity has the power to protect you from diseases and viruses. So, if you don’t want to fall sick often or want your children to have great immunity work together as a team and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

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