Easy tips on How to keep your baby's skin healthy

Easy tips on How to keep your baby’s skin healthy!

Understanding a newborn is not everyone’s cup of tea. They act cranky and irritated just after you have fed them. Skin problems are one of the common triggers, accompanied by other issues too. Moreover, they aren’t able to speak it out; hence as a mother, it’s important to take utmost care of the baby’s skin.

Baby’s skin is comparatively thinner than adult skin. It is delicate and sensitive because of which they get prone to rashes, infections, and allergies. Also, climatic changes like humidity and temperatures affect the skin of the baby.

The only best way out to protect the baby’s skin is by providing the right moisturization and keeping them hydrated all the time. As a parent, you should never hog on to multiple products and can stick to just a brand or two. 

And not just the brand, but even the timetable plays a significant role in keeping baby’s skin healthy. Having said that, below- given are some tips one can follow to ease out the dilemma. 

Easy Tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy:

Apart from a wide-ranging variety of products, a parent should keep a check on all other aspects as well. It can be the bathing pattern or the type of massage you are giving to the newborn. Only water is not enough to keep the baby’s skin healthy; there is a lot more your little one may need, like-

Proper bathing

Baby’s skin is covered by a wax-like coating called vernix. This layer gets off after a while, but it has to be protected until the age of 5 or 6. Hence, it is important to use proper lotions and sponge. 

There are many organic products for babies available, which are beneficial to protect the coating. A 100% natural skin product can be a game-changer. Not just the products, but a mother should stick to organic bathing material as well.

An organic toothpaste lessens the chance of dental issues of any kid by 90%. And the same goes for organic towels as well. Moreover, natural soaps are the best choice for the baby’s skin to prevent skin-related issues like eczema.

Use of organic skin products

The environment out there is quite harsh, and in the initial stage, it gets difficult for a baby to take in all the chemicals. The toxicity of the chemicals can even affect the immune system of the newborn.

Also, previously, most of the baby skincare products available in the market had some of the other issues related to pests. And as a result, it not only became toxic for kids, but even there was a tremendous increase in health problems. Hence, to avoid this, many parents shifted to organic baby skin products. 

Testing multiple products of skincare on babies can lead to significant issues. And to avoid this, there are abundant products available in the market, which are mild as well as tear-free.

A mild and fragrance-free baby skincare product is essential to use, to prevent any rashes on babies.

Routine skin checkups

Lots of babies face acne issues that are not even recognizable to the mother too. And in such cases, the acne or skin-related issues multiply, resulting in rashes on babies. 

There are different types of skin rashes, like eczema, atopic dermatitis, which is difficult to cure if noticed lately. The skin will start to get dry, scaly, and there will be lots of itchiness to the kid.

Some of the skin-related issues of babies are inherited and aren’t curable; hence, it is suggested to do routine skin checkups.


Massages are the best way to keep your baby’s skin healthier, and it develops a good bond too. Communication gets easier with touch, and the skin even receives comfort and calmness.

Choosing appropriate oil according to the skin type is difficult. And some chemicals can react in the worst way at first use. Hence, it is recommended to switch to an organic oil or powder at the initial stage of massaging.

Go for a towel, which is light and has a soft fabric, because it will help to warm them. Avoid using harsh oil to one month baby as they have susceptible skin, instead, use organic mustard oil or olive oil.

Organic baby clothes

Instead of regular cotton, switch to organic cotton as it is durable and is of better quality. The whole parenting period is quite expensive because the baby grows faster, and so the cost of buying newer clothes too. 

There are many benefits of using organic clothes for skincare on the baby because the material itself wicks away any moisture. The weave of the product will give the exact warmth required in the seasons. 

Yet another advantage of organic products for babies is, it can be used for any climate, be it the winters or summers. And to give the best for baby’s skincare, there are many organic clothing brands like Tiny Twig, which are highly durable and have lots of cutest options to choose from.


Even moisturizing is linked to the type of material the kid is wearing. If a parent chooses any random fabric, then the skin tends to lose the softness. On the other hand, soft and dynamic cotton can help to give right and long-lasting moisture to the skin.

Never forget to apply a moisturizer after giving a bath to your baby. A moisturizer is an essential baby skincare product, as it helps them to stay hydrated. 

Moreover, one can even use ointments and baby lotion to keep the skin supple. 


Any baby requires extreme care after their birth. The major concern of any parent nowadays is the skin condition on the baby. Some may, however, last for a short period, but others like birthmarks will last throughout life.

Also, make sure that you keep your hands clean while touching the baby. It’s essential to maintain personal hygiene when there is any kid at home. A baby’s skin is like a feather; it requires lots of gentleness and care, and it’s all in the hands of the mother!

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