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Preparing your medicine chest for cold weather

Preparing Your Medicine Chest for Cold Weather

Cold weather brings with it a new assortment of maladies and potential ailments. Preparing your medicine chest ahead of time prevents emergency runs to the drug store. Use the following tips and ideas to help get ready for whatever comes your way this winter. Cold and Flu Medicines Winter usually means it’s cold and flu …

How Do Birth Control Pills Work

How to Interact with minors and Pills

Recently, the rate of taking pills has increased in Japan. Not only adults but also minors are gradually taking the dose. I would like to introduce various things focusing on minors and pills. Can minors take the pill? Pills can control contraception or improve the menstrual cycle by controlling female hormones with drugs. Therefore, people …

Heart Health food

Top Heart Health food to Improve Your Heart

There are many different foods that protect against heart disease and others that have the opposite effect. Foods that protect against heart disease range from nuts and seeds to vegetables, specific vitamins, or organically grown produce. Foods that have the opposite effect have been well documented. Foods that contain trans fatty acids, highly processed or …