Best Bicep Workout At Home with Dumbbells

Beginning as a fitness enthusiast the first thing that you will start working on is your abs, chest, and biceps. This is mainly because all these muscles are very important in weight lifting so technically being a man, you are asked to lift weight all the time. Even if you are out with someone or on your own, you are expected to lift the weight, open doors, have a firm grip so you open jars and bottles, and adjust heavy objects all the time. To make sure you don’t face any issues regarding all these tasks, you need to focus on your limb strength. This will mainly consist of bicep strength along with chest strength and the strength of your core. The idea is that for every task you need to generate the power from the core, this power is then used and transmitted from the core all the way to your arm and finally to your hand. At any given point if your bicep strength is not good enough, you will get tired very easily.

How to Start Exercising As a Beginner?

As a beginner starting your bicep strength and mass pumping journey you need to keep in mind that technique will be very important. While most people keep thinking that technique means complete supervision of a fitness professional, others feel it will get quite expensive if you get a gym membership and equipment. This is the reason you will see people either expressing concern about starting the weight-based exercises without any technical help from a professional or will question the purchase of equipment. However, if you are familiar with the right technique and you know how you can work it out on your own, this will help you save a lot of effort and money.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight how beginners can start their workout journey. The aim is to start the workout at home so you can become independent. This will not only help you learn about the techniques but also some tips to reduce the chance to improve your weight lifting technique.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind?

Before you start the workouts you have to get equipment for your home. This will mainly consist of dumbbells but you will see that there are so many different variations. Most people go for the cheap variations but you have to get something that offers a better grip and comes with adjustable weight options. Another important thing is to get dumbbells that do not have a round weight plate instead look for plates that are hexagonal and must also have the weight written on them. This will help a lot with the exercises.

Exercises Plan For Bicep At Home with Dumbbells

Warm-Up Session

Start with a simple stretching session. The idea is to help spread your muscles and improve your flexibility. This will help you reduce the chance of injury. You can add yoga with dynamic stretching and then just for five minutes you can perform any cardio exercises of your choice. If you want to add some variation you can also go for different cardio workouts that are helpful for upper body strength.

Bicep Curls

For this workout hold the dumbbells that are lighter. Now, stand straight and keep your back straight as well. Now slowly bring your dumbbells closer to the shoulders. Your fist will be in the position that your dumbbells are horizontal.

Hammer Curls

This is another variation of the same workout where you will repeat the same workout but this time, the way you hold the dumbbells is different. You will hold the dumbbells vertically as you bring them closer to the shoulders.

Cross Body Curls

Simple and easy but this is the most interesting variation so far. For this workout, you will hold the dumbbells but as you bring them towards your shoulders, you will not bring them straight upwards instead, you will bring the right hand closer to the left shoulder and the left hand closer to the right shoulder.

Cool Down Session

After you are done with the workout, you can then end your workout with a simple cool-down session. For this, you will get to start with some stretching and finally, a simple yoga session for 5 minutes will be enough.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you start your workout and the goal you set for yourself. Most people as a beginner make the biggest mistake of following the workout routine followed by weight lifters. Although their workouts are good they are not meant for beginners, as a beginner, you need to give your body enough time so that it can easily adapt according to the change. Where most people start with intense workouts that can result in Body injury, you need to avoid this issue and start with light exercises that can help your body improve the muscles’ flexibility and strength. This is the reason almost all workouts start with a good warm-up session. Finally, your selection of workouts is also very important. Using variations will help you stay engaged so you don’t end up getting bored and can improve over time as well.






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