Apple Fruit Extract Skin Benefit: A Wild Ally in Skin Care

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we’ve all heard, but did you know that apples fruit extract benefits can also keep ageing and skin problems at bay?
The common fruit is beneficial to your complexion and face as well as your overall health. It turns out that red yummy isn’t just for the classroom any longer!

Apple Fruit Extract Skin Benefits

Apple is carefully extracted for use in our skin care to maintain the purity and bioavailability of what this lovely plant has to offer. Apple extract for skin is high in alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), with malic acid being the most abundant—which means that, unlike most gentle exfoliants, apple fruit water for skin contains no scrubbing bits or microbeads—these acids help to slough off the dead skin that gives your skin a dull appearance by breaking up the proteins that hold the skin cells together.

The AHAs and carbs found in our products help to keep you hydrated. They aid in the reduction of water loss by forming a barrier on the skin that does not clog pores. Apple extract benefits for skin are also effective for trapping in moisture because of its protective covering.

What Skin Types Benefit Most From Apple Extract?

Apple extract improves greasy, dull, or ageing skin the most because of the various healthy-skin-promoting characteristics of apple extract. You may have oily skin if your pores are huge. To decrease the appearance of pores, apple extract can be applied. It has natural tightening effects that might help to firm up aged skin.

Try Apple Extract in your Skin Care

In our Wild Alchemy Collection, apple (Pyrus malus) extract is a staple, appearing in our Wild Fruit Serum and Phytonutrient Cleanser. Our Wild Alchemy Collection is our luxury line, and we are proud of all of our items. Each product takes months to develop, utilising only the purest, wildest ingredients—each one extracted in a unique method to maximise bioactivity—and apple is one of those fantastic, wild substances.

The Science Behind It

According to new research, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. This delightful fruit is high in antioxidants, polyphenols, and catechins, as well as immune-boosting Vitamin C and E, which protects against environmental stressors. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, is high in fibre (which is good for the digestive system), and promotes heart health.

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