3 Ways Carrots Are a Super Beauty Food

Okay so we may have made up the term “super beauty food,” but when we started reading about the amazing ways that carrots can improve your complexion, we got a little excited.

When we think about foods that will make us more beautiful, our minds often turn to rare and exotic plants that have marketing hype and mystique surrounding them.

3 Beauty Benefits of Carrots

You’re probably aware that the popular orange carrot is beneficial to your health. It’s low in calories and sodium but high in vitamins and antioxidants, which may help protect against environmental stresses.

Would it surprise you to discover, however, that carrots are also beneficial to your skin and complexion? As you prepare for your spring appearance, here’s why you might want to add a few more to your salads and soups.

1. Carrots Give You a Healthy Glow

When you handle carrots, your hands turn a little orange. If you eat a few more than normal, you might get a natural healthy glow this spring.

“You are better off eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables than lying in the sun if you want a healthier and more appealing skin colour”

the science behind it

Beta-carotene, the major pigment in orange carrots, is converted to vitamin A in the body. One carrot a day can provide over 300 percent of your daily vitamin A consumption (4,142 micrograms of beta-carotene), so one carrot a day could help you achieve that healthy glow you’re after this spring.

2. Carrots May Help Reduce the Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Is it possible to diminish the look of wrinkles by eating a carrot?

It’s not quite that straightforward, but by including more carrots in your regular diet, you can improve the health of your skin.

One cup of carrot juice, either straight or in a smoothie, has roughly 22 mg of beta-carotene and a healthy amount of vitamin C, both of which may make the skin appear firmer and plumper.

3. Carrots May Help with Oily Skin

Carrots to help with oily skin? It’s definitely worth a shot.

The beta-carotene, which is turned to vitamin A in the body, is the key once again. Many topical oily skin creams already contain vitamin A in various forms such as retinoids and tretinoin. Carrots, on the other hand, can help to naturally raise vitamin A levels in the skin.

the oily skin-diet connection

For years, dermatologists claimed that oily skin and nutrition had anything to do with each other, but we’re learning more now. Recent research has discovered that some meals, such as dairy products and high-glycemic foods, can contribute to oilier skin.

On the other hand, several studies have suggested that eating a low-glycemic diet and reducing dairy consumption can help with oily skin. Could eating more healthful foods, such as carrots, aid in skin cleansing?

How to Get More Carrots Into Your Daily Diet

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate carrots into your diet, look no further. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Toss them into salads and soups, shredded and chopped.
  • Toss carrots into your favourite rice pilaf recipe.
  • In your potato salad, toss in some shredded carrots.
  • To make a topping for grilled meats, toss shredded carrots with Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, garlic, and parsley.
  • Toss them into your muffin batter.
  • Put them on your burritos and quesadillas shredded.
  • On fish dishes, slice and marinate.
  • They’ve been pickled.
  • Enjoy a slice of carrot cake cooked from scratch.

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