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7 Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Learning how to manage your diabetes after receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming. It’s common knowledge that diabetes can lead to job absences, hospital stays, vision and circulation difficulties, and even limb loss if the disease isn’t managed. Managing diabetes has never been easier because of advances in technology such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose …

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Chronic Back Pain

Effective Ways To Treat Chronic Back Pain

One of the top causes of disability around the world is back pain, and it is a leading reason for people visiting the doctor or miss work. Happily, most cases of back discomfort are manageable with some self-care. Even if you don’t take any preventative measures, you can usually heal your back and keep it …

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Everything You Need To Know About Bipolar Disorder

What is referred to as bipolar disorder or manic disorder? Formerly known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by alternating periods of excessive elation (mania or hypomania) and depression (depression). The depressed person’s feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interest in life are all very typical. Feelings of euphoria, increased …

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